About Jamal Sahib

Create value.

Create change.

As a Business Coach I simplify systems and help you to build them into the business so the business works for you.

Work on your business, not in it.

The Jamal Sahib Story

I have been told that I am a hard man to categorise. Perhaps it’s because
I talk like a business coach, think like an engineer and live my life with
an entrepreneurial spirit. I was born an entrepreneur, trained as an
engineer but I am driven by the desire to empower individuals to achieve
their goals, dreams and full potential.

I have an engineering degree (metallurgical engineer) and am a registered
Pr.Eng with ECSA with 12 years experience in the mining and engineering
field. My career has had a fast-tracked trajectory. At 29, I was appointed
mine manager for BHP Billiton at their Mamatwan Mine; and at the age of 32
was appointed capital projects manager for the South32 Africa Region for
two commodities, manganese and aluminium. I was a corporate high-flyer
with an MBA from the Gordon Business Institute (GIBS) and set on a very
good and comfortable corporate career.

But as an eternal idealist, the catalyst to growing as an entrepreneur
came for me in 2015 when I led a project to restructure the business for a
mining multinational. Commodity price crash and soaring electricity and
labour costs in SA were taking its toll, but having to retrench hundreds
of people drove me to leave the corporate world and start-up businesses to
create employment instead. I am passionate about job creation in South
Africa and truly believe that this country will implode due to
unemployment if we do not stand up to make a difference. In the past two
and a half years, I have started and run five profitable businesses
employing now more than 60 people. I am constantly seeking growth

I have always been in a position to help others with simplifying things
through system and process application so post getting accredited as a
business coach and using my expertise in mining, engineering, enterprise
and supplier development, I hope I will be able to make changes in this
country and continent.

Like every sportsperson needs a coach to be their best, every business
owner needs a coach to be the best business person they can be. In our
coaching models we focus on working with the business owner and/or
leadership team and then working to implement systems to empower your
workforce to deliver. By coaching and growing start-up businesses into
well-functioning, sustainable and growing entities, together we can make